Deep Filtering Expertise

The content and context of data being transferred through cross domain solutions is increasing in complexity.

Tresys has a depth of filtering experience that few companies can match. This knowledge is vital to helping organizations meet the increasingly stringent content inspection requirements being set by the UCDSMO.

Our credentials include:

  • Expertise in deep content inspection technology
  • Developing key components of the National Security Agency’s Next Generation Filter (NGF) project
  • Co-chairing the Data Format Description Language (DFDL) working group
  • Major contributors to the open source Apache Daffodil (incubating) project.
  • Authoring the NSA JPEG File Interchange Format Inspection and Sanitization Guide
  • Developing filters for third-party guards

As a result, we are uniquely qualified to help customers and systems integrators meet their most complex CDS filtering needs.

Off-the-Shelf and Custom Filtering Solutions

We can help you meet all your filtering needs, including:

  • File transfer with deep content inspection
  • IP streaming, including full-motion video
  • Messaging protocols
  • Protocol filtering
  • Packet filtering

We offer off-the-shelf filtering capabilities through our XD Bridge and XD Guardian platforms. These include deep content inspection of complex file types, such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, image files, zip files, and archived files.

Tresys also has extensive experience providing customized filtering solutions for customers, integrators, and other cross domain solution providers. Whether customizing existing filters or developing new mission-specific filter applications, we are experts at integrating filters into cross domain settings.


On the Forefront

Tresys is on the leading edge of the latest breakthroughs in data-filtering-related technology:

  • We worked with the NSA to build the next generation of filtering infrastructure and became the first company to incorporate NGF technology into a product.
  • Our expertise developing Daffodil, an open source data format description language (DFDL) parser, reduces the time and costs required to deploy new filtering capabilities.
  • Our Content Aware Dynamic Routing Engine (CADRE) enables the easy creation of content filters.