Tresys Technology is a recognized global leader in cyber defense providing services and products to secure the enterprise from its core to the edge. Our mission is focused on supporting US defense, intelligence, civilian government agencies, and critical industrial networks while providing the ability to share and access information securely across multiple networks. This includes the most sensitive and classified domestic and international government and critical infrastructure networks. Our certified and accredited products protect information while ensuring that the appropriate data gets to the correct location in a timely and confidential manner. 


Experience, it matters

Tresys employees have decades of experience with secure design, certification, and accreditation of complicated custom hardware and software solutions for government and commercial enterprises. Combined with insight into the sophisticated requirements of our customers and the commitment to research and development, we are committed to providing the most secure solutions with the highest performance and the best value for our customers.

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Secure mobile is really here

Tresys MobileFortress™ for Android™ provides the strongest commercially available security in a form factor that is familiar to users. MobileFortress can be configured to target the NSA’s CSfC Mobility Capability Package and the Mobility Protection Profiles. It is also designed for use in industrial control applications, allowing secure use of tablets and other devices for monitoring and control of SCADA environments.

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Anti-virus software doesn't stop the threat

Tresys XD Air™ is the only USCYBERCOM - approved tool for the transfer of classified data using portable media...and ensuring zero-day exploits are mitigated. XD Air has also been approved by the NRC in its licensing inspections as a solution to the risk of removable media in nuclear power plants. Tresys XD Air provides unique mobile media protection by ONLY allowing known good content to be shared. Using a kiosk-based solution, XD Air inspects, filters and cleans data on your device, making it safe to use, even in the most sensitive networks.

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UCDMO baseline approved

Tresys has announced that XD Bridge™ 3.0 Cross Domain Solution (CDS) has been placed on the Unified Cross Domain Management Office (UCDMO) Baseline. The UCDMO Baseline is a validated list of cross domain solutions that are available to agencies in the US Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. XD Bridge offers the most flexible, modular data diode platform available on the CDS market - all at the highest performance and lowest cost.

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